Friday Things.


(photo from yesterday’s post, Grain-Free Peach Cobbler)

Hi, dolls!

It’s Friday, thanks Heavs. My hubby is on his way home and I couldn’t be happier! Only one more week of training and he’s ours for good again. Yes. Just in time to help us pack up and get our rear ends up to Ohio..

Anyways, amidst all the moving business (aka house showings and paperwork and avoiding actually packing anything), I just thought I’d chat it up with you a little bit and share some links that have been on my radar this week. Enjoy!

Cold Avocado Soup. Let’s discuss. Looks good, sounds good.. can’t imagine actually preparing it or putting it in my mouth. I have never been on board with cold soups.. it just seems weird to me. Like eating a smoothie out of a bowl? But again, I really think it sounds good, so maybe I’ll grow up a little and try it.

I definitely need this ghee tutorial. If you follow me on Twitter, maybe you remember when I totally burned a batch a few months back? #gheefail

Have you ever heard of Jaggery? This post was my introduction and now I really want to try it. I love products with traditional preparations.

This super cute shop called Camp Brand Goods is calling my name. I want all the things.

The move is in about a month, and I’m planning on picking up one of these books about moving for the kids. Anyone else have any book recommendations or tips on how to prepare the little ones for moving day?

Wondering if I can pull off one of these turbands. I love the look, but I’m 98% positive that I am not cool enough to wear it.

I loved this post with Pandora workout station recommendations. I would like to officially add “Eye of the Tiger” radio to the list ‘cuz it’s my jam.

And lastly, The Surest Way to Promote God’s Good Plan for Marriage and some sweet words on Teaching Children the Bible (which features my very favorite kid’s bible.)

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