Life Lately.

Hey, nuggets! It’s been a while.

kidcollageThings I’ve been up to:

  • Growing a tiny human person
  • Keeping 2 additional small human people alive
  • Going to a bazillion doctor/chiropractor appointments
  • Wrapping everything in tortillas
  • Occasional blogging at MPMK
  • Not blogging here, ha!
  • Doing weird nesting stuff like sewing crib sheets late into the night
  • Eating all the bacon, avocado or chocolate-related things

So, yes! Busy living life. I have thought about posting so many times, but I just couldn’t get the gumption. I wonder if someday this blog will be like an old MySpace page (or dare I say Xanga?!?) that I can remember writing on, but can’t seem to track down on the web. Just an old part of life that I remember. Hopefully it will live on these great wide internets and be helpful to people even when I’m not actively writing here. Life! Blogs! So strange.

Anyways, that tiny human person I’m growing will surely be here soon, meaning more of the same on this blog. For today, though, I can at least share a few snippets of the work done elsewhere, since there’s no new content here. Click through, if you like!


quick and healthy dinners


simple chickpea lunches


colorful juices and smoothies


fruit and veggie gummies


seed crackers from I Quit Sugar


30 minute weekly meal plans

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