Lamb Meatballs (gluten-free, grain-free, paleo) with Yogurt Dip and Spiced Vegetables

This new style of eating has been an adjustment. It’s hard to wrap my head around new rules for meal-planning and eating. So much of my day is spent thinking about food, and planning out when and what we’re going to eat and making grocery lists. I know it’s not permanent (I mean, I hope! […]

Mint Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

Happy Wednesday! I’m here to introduce you to the most popular treat in my freezer- Mint Cookies and Cream Ice Cream. I’ve mentioned my abundance of garden mint before, but things have gotten even wilder! This mint is taking over the garden like a boss! I’ve been thinking about making mint ice cream with it […]

Spearmint Iced Tea

Disclaimer: This tea is sweetened, but is not sweet tea! I’ve spent the past two years in the South, but I do not claim to be a Southerner. I grew up in the North, where we added sugar packets to our glasses of unsweetened tea. I realize now what these Southerners have known all along- […]

Mint Chocolate Macarons

After my dismal/embarrassing first try at macarons earlier this month, I picked up my spatula and gave it another go.  I will not be defeated by a cookie. I wasn’t sure where to go from the first recipe, but I wanted to make something green for St. Pat’s.  Since I already hit you with my […]