Inside the Oven [Vol. 6]

Happy Monday to all of you out there! It’s a fine evening to be scrolling the interwebs. I haven’t caught you up on all of the (super interesting) goings-on of the past few weeks, so get yourself a snack and settle in for some good, old-fashioned over-sharing! I have been hitting the ‘ol Instagram app […]

Inside the Oven [Vol. 5]

Hi, out there! How yummy does that sandwich look? I just finished working on a fun little sandwich post for MPMK and that’s just a preview. Hungry yet? That’s a whole wheat english muffin with spinach, sliced ham, avocado, a squeeze of lemon juice and salt/pepper. Can’t wait to show you the rest on Tuesday. […]

Inside the Oven [Vol. 4]

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!¬† ¬†Hope you’re enjoying the extra time with your family. Here’s what’s new around here. As an Air Force family, this holiday is always a good one for us (four day weekend, baby!), but this year is extra cool because it includes a promotion. The hubs is being promoted to Captain! This […]

Inside the Oven [No. 3]

Check out that sweet sibling hug! I love catching these little moments. Let’s catch up, shall we? We’re throwing a Cinco de Mayo party this weekend! I can’t wait to cook up a Mexican feast and enjoy it with friends. Smoky pork tacos, guacamole, Mexican brownies, and make-ahead frozen margaritas are on the menu. YUM. […]

Inside the Oven [No. 2]

Hi, friends! This is what’s new. This is a picture of baby girl sleeping on the Strasburg Railroad. We took the kids to ride the train (complete with lunch at the Red Caboose) and they loved it! If you are ever in the Lancaster County, PA area and your kids (or you) love trains, you […]

Inside the Oven [No. 1]

I’m starting a new little series for you guys this week called Inside the Oven. It’s basically just to give you a peek into what’s going on in our lives at the Oven Love house, not just what we have on our plates! I’ll probably share pictures, thoughts, links.. whatever I think might be interesting […]