All Your Kitchen Problems Solved!

Ha! Not really all your problems solved. Just the ones you shared with me on Facebook this week. 🙂 I am desiring to make this Oven-Love-thing more of a community where we can help each other out. It is hard being a spouse/parent/human person on planet Earth, isn’t it? You’re out there trying to make […]

Strawberry and Peach Cinnamon Bread (Guest Post)

Happy Tuesday! The moving truck is in our driveway today and things are gettin’ real. While I’m busy carrying heavy objects (more likely children than boxes), please enjoy this guest post from Janssen of Everyday Reading. Janssen is a fellow contributor at MPMK and part of a very talented family of bloggers (you can find […]

Coconut Banana Bread (GAPS, Paleo, Grain-free)

    I think my kids are getting sick of bananas. They used to eat them up non-stop, but not lately. No interest at all. Whole bunches used to disappear in a day or two, but now all my bananas are sad, neglected and brown. But that means I get the chance to give them […]

Honey Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls

I am always on the search for the best recipes out there. I know that doesn’t sound strange- who isn’t looking for great recipes? (Hopefully that’s why you’re here reading Oven Love.) But I mean I’m looking for the perfect recipes- the recipes you finally keep after months or years of looking. The recipes that […]

Spinach Cheddar Strata with Crispy Breakfast Ham

 Now that all that first birthday biz is behind us, I can focus back on March’s original task- bringing you delicious brunch inspiration.  Aren’t you loving spring already? We absolutely are. We’ve already got some produce growing in the yard.. the green is beautiful!If you’ve never heard of a strata, it’s a layered casserole dish, […]