This girl! Gloria Katherine (after her grandma) came on the scene at 1:37PM on May 30. Easiest labor yet for me- after a morning chiropractor visit and a quick stop for a cheeseburger, we got to the birth center and she was born within the hour. We have been soaking up all the baby sweetness […]

The One Where I Tell You I’m Pregnant Again (and other news)

Well, hey everyone! Glad to see you. Happy to be here. Just thought I might pop in to fill you in on what nonsense we’ve been up to. I know it’s been awhile. But, I still love you guys and I am 30-40% sure you love me/care about my whereabouts. So, let the over-sharing begin! […]

Homemade Diaper Balm (Cloth Diaper Safe)

I know we usually talk about food around here, but today I want to talk about babies. More specifically, baby bottoms. Just a little segway from our normal topics of conversation.. no big deal. You probably know this (or maybe you’d just guess it from my other granola-mom-type interests), but my babies wear cloth diapers. […]