My Thanksgiving 2011 Menu

Yikes! It’s already Thanksgiving week. Anyone else feeling like it just popped up out of nowhere? I got my grocery shopping out of the way today (that’s probably late for some people, but I like to have things fresh, including the bird) and somehow missed the crowds. Now all I have to do is plan out my cooking timeline.. and then find the energy to stay on my pregnant feet to make all of this food with one arm most likely useless (thank you, needy/lovey/curious teething toddler).
This will be my second year hosting at our house in GA, and we’re expecting a good 10+ guests. I’m excited to try out some new recipes and bring back some old favorites. Here’s what’s on our menu this year:
-The Easiest Roast Turkey and Gravy
From right here on Oven Love. Complete post with all your questions answered!  Can’t have Thanksgiving without the big bird.
-Mashed Potatoes
I don’t have a specific recipe for these.. my apologies.  I watched my grandparents make them together so many times that it is a bit like second nature. I just boil up diced potatoes in salted water until fork-tender, drain, mash, and add enough milk, butter and salt until I’m satisfied with the taste. I was considering making potatoes gratin this year, but then I got sad thinking that I couldn’t drown those in gravy.. so mashed potatoes it is!
-Cornbread, Bacon, Leek and Pecan Stuffing via Martha Stewart
I am excited to try this new stuffing recipe! I usually don’t go the cornbread route, but it just sounded too good to pass up. Plus I’ve got lots of Georgia pecans on hand to use.. yum.
Sweet Potato Casserole via My Baking Addiction
I chose this because it looks similar to my grandma’s recipe- we’ll see how it stacks up. I’m not really sure why I didn’t just ask for her recipe.. but I’ll work on that for next year.
Brussel Sprout Salad
This is an original Oven Love recipe, but I haven’t blogged about it in it’s own post- just in an old post about my sister-in-law’s bridal shower. It was a hit there and I’ve made it many times since, but never had a chance to share. Maybe I can get a good shot of it this year so you can see how good it looks! My mom was not a brussel sprout fan, and this year she requested this dish- it changes people.
 -Quick Cranberry Sauce
Truth gun- my favorite reason to make cranberry sauce is so I can make the cranberry shortbread cake with the leftovers. I also think anything that comes out of a can looking like a can is unacceptable at the dinner table.
-Multigrain Rolls via Annie’s Eats
I love seeded rolls and was so happy to find these. I usually make honey whole wheat rolls, but this year I’m giving these a try instead. With a big smear of honey butter..
-Pumpkin Pie via Life Currents, originally from America’s Test Kitchen
I’ve completely forgotten what recipe I used for pumpkin pie last year, so I’ve found a new one to take its place. This blogger raves about it, so I’m looking forward to tasting. It also looks like it sets up very well, which is my main fear when baking pies.
-Applesauce Spice Bundt Cake via The Flour Sack
I made this cake a few weeks ago and it disappeared very quickly. The husband’s birthday falls on Thanksgiving Day this year, and this cake was one of his requests. We enjoyed it without the caramel glaze last time, so I will be interested to see if we like it better glazed or plain (I’m pretty sure I’m voting glazed.. no brainer for me.)
-Apple Cider Punch via Better Homes & Gardens
Since there will be a few pregnant gals in attendance at our meal, I wanted to provide a fun drink option for those of us who won’t be indulging in wine or homebrews. Every apple cider punch link I found led me to the same recipe, so I think it’ll be a winner.
I’m about 127% sure I won’t be posting again until after Thanksgiving, so have a delicious holiday and make sure all of your loved ones know how grateful you are for them. Happy Thanksgiving!
*Disclaimer- all photos with outside links were taken from each corresponding website and were not taken by me, unless the link is to another Oven Love post (the cranberry sauce, for example). Credit goes to all of the wonderful photographers above!
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  1. I made that stuffing a few days ago – halved the recipe and ate the entire pan for breakfast! Whoops! 😛 It was SO good!

  2. Thanksgiving dinner was fantastic and Dad and I were s happy were could be there to enjoy it with you.

  3. Thanksgiving dinner was fantastic and Dad and I are so happy we were able to enjoy it with all of you.

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