Moving, Snacking and Cleaning out the Freezer.


The countdown is on, people!

We move out of this house in four weeks. Unbelievable.

I’m at the point where I start thinking sappy thoughts about my friends and my town, and then I have to snap myself out of it and try to remember my best sappy stuff for future moments when I’m writing thank-you notes or trying to say goodbye/sobbing at our going-away party. Get it together, sister!

Aside from cleaning things up to show our house, we haven’t done much packing or anything yet. My main focus has been eating all the food in the chest freezer because I can’t bear to think about all the other stuff I should actually be doing. I made a list of all the stuff that needs to be eaten, posted it on the fridge and we are working our way through it. Bring on the awkward (I mean, creative?) meals made of random freezer and pantry ingredients, hooray!

Since the whole thing was consuming my thoughts, I wrote more about it over at MPMK. The focus of the post is how to eat healthily while you’re moving or traveling. I am a little scared that I won’t be able to stay on the GAPS wagon during this transition, but I am darn well going to try! The snacks pictured above are some of my favorite on-the-go foods that hold up well during travel (love me some pistachios on a road trip!)

Tell me how you stay healthy when things get stressful or you’re on the go. I want to know your secrets!


2 Responses to “Moving, Snacking and Cleaning out the Freezer.”
  1. Kathy says:

    Sounds like a whole lot of episodes of Chopped. Maybe you can audition after you are done with the freezer and the pantry.

  2. jessica lynn says:

    this post makes me sad…especially since we’re on the other side of the freezer/fridge clean out now and I’m already missing cooking real meals.

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