Monday Things.

movingcollageIt’s good to be back. Now where to begin?

We are now settled into our new house in Dayton, OH. I use the word “settled” lightly, because a) I still feel like I’m on a strange vacation, b) boxes everywhere, ugh, c) we started painting and won’t be done anytime soon, and d) I just don’t really feel settled yet.

What’s been happening the past few weeks while I’ve been farming out my posts to other bloggers? Quick recap.

I was/am super sad about leaving Georgia. You guys, I did not know I was going to like Georgia. Really didn’t. I waltzed down there in 2010 with my new baby and I was all, “Eh, it’s too hot down here, three years better pass fast cuz I’m out.” And then I practically held on for dear life and had to be pulled out of GA crying like a baby. Those charming Southerners will do it to you every time. I am still missing my people something fierce, but my random crying outbursts have reduced by about half, so that’s progress.

Also, I have to stop myself from saying Ya’ll. It’s etched into my brain forever.

I sort of totally jumped off the GAPS bandwagon. It was unintentional and I really tried to plan for the move, but I broke down on hour 9 of a 12-hour drive alone with the kids. I had no food left, and I ate some (ughh I hate to even type this) Burger King at a rest stop with the kids. Ughh. Then I thought I would get back on the bandwagon the next day, but we didn’t make it out for groceries because my car was stuck behind the moving truck. I will save you all the details, but I will say that my stint back on the Standard American Diet included Dominos Pizza, Mini Oreos, Sesame Honey Cashews from TJ’s (these are a serious weakness, try them and you’ll see), a UDF brownie sundae and some other total junk. Needless to say, I have seen the light and I am moving back toward it (aka all that junk made me feel terrible). I’m trying to find a happy medium.. trying to figure out what my body can truly tolerate.. I’m such a mess, you guys- the will-Natalie-ever-figure-out-how-to-eat saga continues!


I guess that’s the major news. Enough of that. Here’s some fun stuff I found while I was cleaning out my reader last night:

I really want to go to Ojai, like anytime would be great. And I want to stay here.

I’m into chilly treats- pink grapefruit sorbet in grapefruit cups, blueberry frozen yogurt, green smoothie detox pops, chocolate-dipped coconut pops, raspberry chiffon pie. I wants it!

And I’m into kale salads.

I want to do something with all those Instas- anyone used Printic or Stickygram? Or any other recommendations?

Two recipes that are baffling/intriguing- orange coconut omelettes and kale granola (wha?? but also, get in my belly)

salty nuts ice cream. because, yeah.

awesome paleo lunches this year, Michelle!

a vest for Lucy, and one for Elliott, too.

I’m pumped to have a great library again, and Janssen has got my thinking twice about audiobooks. I think I’ll be requesting a lot of these!

Aaaand, thumbprint cookies are killin’ it. These and definitely these.

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  1. Alecia says:

    Why couldn’t you have had your junk food spree while you were still with me…ahhh