Keeping the Peace at Meal Time



We have been struggling a bit around here with keeping the peace during dinner time. The baby typically spends her dinner throwing all her food on the floor, climbing onto the table and screaming for no reason. The toddler has ants in his pants, bosses his sister around and fights us about eating his food (until he actually takes a bite and remembers he’s hungry). This topic has been on my mind a lot and so I tried to come up with some ways that we could work on keeping the peace. I’m sharing 10 of my tips at MPMK today (and it is absolutely a post written for me, I am not doing these things successfully, believe me!). Thankfully, I have the Holy Spirit working to give me patience- I know I could not handle the task of parenting without God’s help. I pray that He would help us as parents to discipline and instruct our children in love (and I know He will!) I hope the tips are helpful to other parents out there looking for a few moments of peace at the table.

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