Inside the Oven [Vol. 5]

Hi, out there!
  • How yummy does that sandwich look? I just finished working on a fun little sandwich post for MPMK and that’s just a preview. Hungry yet? That’s a whole wheat english muffin with spinach, sliced ham, avocado, a squeeze of lemon juice and salt/pepper. Can’t wait to show you the rest on Tuesday.
  • I just got an iPhone! (I am SO not an early adopter. haha) The whole thing is pretty cool, but I think the thing I’m most excited about is using Instagram (you can follow me @natalieherr). Can’t wait to share some Instas with you.. once I figure out how to do that. Ha! Anyone have an iPhone tips to share or favorite apps to recommend? I’m all ears.
  • I’m loving this geometric necklace (above) on Etsy. I have lots of jewelry wishes but I never pull the trigger. This one is very affordable so maybe I will!
  • Does anyone else hoard ripped-out recipes from magazines? I am in the process of going through my stash and pinning dishes I actually like. I found this recipe of Dorie’s in Food & Wine for Chocolate Cayenne Cocktail Cookies (below). I love the cocktail cookie concept- we should really start adding cookies to everything.
  • Also- a momentary ‘boo hoo’ that I’m not at BlogHerFood this year. Hope everyone is having fun out there in Seattle! I’ll be here trying not to mope. 🙂
Just a few random thoughts for you today. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Come on back next week for more goodies!
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  1. Jena says:

    That necklace reminds me a bit of pair of earrings my husband got me for Valentine’s Day a few years ago. You used to be able to buy them on Etsy, but Simone doesn’t have any in her Etsy shop at the moment.

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