What to Make This Weekend. (Labor Day Recipes)

Oh, Labor Day. I will forever confuse you with Memorial Day, but I am always glad when you come around. Four day weekend for military families, what what! We are headed up to the family cabin with my parents and my brother’s fam, so there won’t be much action on the blog until next week […]

16 Summer Sweet Potato Recipes

Last week, I shared my favorite summer chicken recipes. Today, I’m back with 16 ways to use the humble sweet potato. (I’m actually not eating sweet potatoes right now, but for some reason, I am still craving them and hoarding sweet potato recipes like it’s the end of the internet. It’s only a little heartbreaking […]

16 Summer Chicken Recipes

Good day, darlings! I have been noticing some trends on my Pinterest recipe boards and I thought I might take some time to share my latest favorites with you. I’ve been all about collecting summery chicken recipes, so here are 16 tasty meals to get that protein in this summer. There’s something for everyone- kabobs, […]

Food Your Mom Wants to Eat.

Okay, all you husbands/children out there, here’s the plan for Mother’s Day: Pick one of these recipes. Make it for your mom. Remember your manners and let her take the first bite. Then tell her how awesome she is at her job and hug her for as long as she lets you. 1: Chocolate Covered […]

My Mother’s Day (Or Any Day) Wishlist

Just a few things I picked out. vanilla bean paste, spring scarf, clay pot slow cooker yummy soap, dipped bowls, makeup that’s not toxic (and pretty, too) house portrait, Weck jars, butter dish  

16 Inspiring Spring Salads

  Are you guys feeling neglected? I know I’ve been doing a lot of work over on Modern Parents Messy Kids lately- it just ended up that a bunch of my posts were happening around the same time of the month. I’m sharing the links for all the salad recipes pictured above over there today, […]

Thanksgiving 2012 Inspiration

Just in case you weren’t quite done with your menu.. more goodies. 1: Double Apple Bundt Cake, Fall Harvest Salad, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Giants, Whole Wheat Sesame Oat Bread 2: Apple Streusel Bars, The Easiest Roast Turkey (with broth and gravy), Roasted and Spiced Autumn Vegetables, Roasted Cauliflower Soup 3: Quick Cranberry Sauce, Baked Potato […]

18 Things You Didn’t Know Your Slow Cooker Could Make

I know ya’ll are loving some slow cooker recipes these days. Did you know you can make more than just pot roast in there? Um.. yeah. You can make BREAD in there. And cheesecake. And Chex Mix. The creativity out there on these internets is top notch, am I right? Pop over to MPMK to […]

16 Fall Favorites

Fall 2012 is here! Let’s just say my jeans are happy to be worn, my tea cups are happy to be full. My scarves and boots are waiting in the wings (it is Georgia, after all). It’s not really cold here yet, but I’ve wasted no time stockpiling pumpkins, squash, pecans and apples. We’ve also […]

On My List: Popsicles

I know I’ve already shared some popsicles with you this summer (orange creamsicles and frozen banana pops), but I have been making way more pops than I’ve been able to photograph. They are a such a refreshing treat in these dog days- I can’t get enough of them! Here are some popsicles that are on […]