Make-Ahead Mango & Raspberry Margaritas

Long day at work? Rough day with the kids? Hot outside? Just really need a drink? These little margaritas are just the ticket. Good, cold, relaxing things come in small, glass, ready-made packages. I love this recipe! I love that you can make these hours, days or even weeks ahead of your next big party. […]

On My List: Summer Drinks

I am a self-proclaimed recipe hoarder. I’ve always got tons of recipes on my list, just waiting to be whipped up. Some make it onto the blog and some don’t.. but I hope all of them make it into my belly eventually. Here are a few tasty and refreshing looking drinks to cool you off […]

Eggs Barbacoa

What did you do the morning after Cinco de Mayo? (Seis de Mayo just doesn’t have the same ring to it). Maybe it was just another Sunday morning, maybe you were nursing a hangover, maybe you don’t have kids and you don’t wake up until the afternoon, I don’t know.  We were up at a […]

Chocolate Snickerdoodles

 I love playing hostess. One of my favorite things to do is to make a meal and enjoy it with friends and family. Usually, I end up going a little overboard as the host- I start to feel like dinner isn’t enough on its own, and then I start making drinks and desserts and bread. […]

Spearmint Iced Tea

Disclaimer: This tea is sweetened, but is not sweet tea! I’ve spent the past two years in the South, but I do not claim to be a Southerner. I grew up in the North, where we added sugar packets to our glasses of unsweetened tea. I realize now what these Southerners have known all along- […]

Freezer Mashed Potatoes

Did you guys know you can freeze mashed potatoes?? Pretty awesome revelation. I usually don’t make mashed potatoes on a week night because it seems like too much effort. It’s not really that difficult, but boiling pots of potatoes (that often boil over) and needy children don’t mix. So I save it for a time […]

My Favorite Baked Chicken Nuggets

You know you’re a mom when not only do you a) have a favorite chicken nugget recipe, but b) you have a favorite baked chicken nugget recipe.  What’s that you see in my driveway? A minivan? Someone save me before I buy any mom jeans! Just kidding! I love motherhood. Wouldn’t trade it. My house […]

4 Ice Cream Recipes to Make Right Now

I have ice cream on the brain today. And there is none in my freezer. Oh, the humanity! (And oh, the humidity!) Here are four of my favorite ice cream recipes for anyone else wanting a brain freeze today. Classic Chocolate Ice Cream. I was always a vanilla person, until I met this recipe. Cinnamon […]

Easter Egg Treat Ideas and Traveling with Toddlers

Is anyone else out there getting ready for some holiday traveling? We are heading out on the long (LONG) drive from GA to PA soon. I knew I would need something to help the little man from going crazy on the ride, so I came up with a little Easter-themed plan. What would you guess […]

Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Bites

Sometimes I see a recipe somewhere and it just gets stuck in my head. I’ll think about making it time and time again; then it will start showing up in my dreams.. just another sign that I spend too much time thinking about food, yikes! A while back, I saw these cheesecake bites on Tessa’s […]