Small Batch Natural Applesauce

Hi muffins! I was making another batch of applesauce this afternoon and I realized that it’s something I’ve never shared with you.  I started making this applesauce when my little guy was six months old and ready to start solid food.  As you can probably guess, I wasn’t into buying pre-made baby food and instead, […]

Vegan CocoNana Mini Muffins

Even though I’m not living the vegan lifestyle anymore, I’m still finding ways to enjoy vegan recipes in my diet.  I saw this recipe this morning on Miss Mary‘s blog and I had to jump right in and make them!  They looked delicious and simple, and they were. The name CocoNana refers to the coconut […]

Part-Time Vegan, Day 4

  I ate too many cookies today. ‘Cause, you know.. sugar’s vegan. (Woo hoo!) Breakfast was a peanut butter banana wrap with almond milk. Lunch was the salad bar at Lane’s. Snack was (too many!!) vegan chocolate chip cookies. Dinner was leftover pasta. Let me just tell you about this banana wrap.  I make this […]

Our Little Gentleman’s First Birthday Bash

 We had a big day this weekend.  A big first birthday! I decided months ago that I wanted to plan a little gentleman’s theme for Elliott’s first birthday.  Let’s just face it- there’s nothing cuter than a baby with a bow tie.   Or a mustache!  See? Adorable.Before I did any major party planning or […]

Mini Frittatas

It’s March!  That means it’s Brunch month in my Great Food Adventure.  To tell you the truth, I’m relieved.  Those macarons last month were giving me drama. I think brunch is one of the greatest ideas ever.  I only wish I could enjoy it more!  I’m always ravenous in the morning and the bean never […]

Banana Muffins and Bake It Pretty

Have any of you ever brought dozens of bananas to a big group breakfast thing and end up bringing most of them back to your house because no one in your town likes bananas? It happens.  It happens to me. Good thing around here we are banana-eating-machines (baby is included/the main culprit).  It’s definitely a […]