Stuffed French Toast Cupcakes

Happy Monday morning! If you were following on Facebook this weekend, you know that I was working on some new cupcake flavors for my 500th post- one based on a dessert and one based on a breakfast treat. This is the breakfast concoction- a berry-stuffed french toast cupcake! Begin drooling now. It isn’t my 500th […]

Mint Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

Happy Wednesday! I’m here to introduce you to the most popular treat in my freezer- Mint Cookies and Cream Ice Cream. I’ve mentioned my abundance of garden mint before, but things have gotten even wilder! This mint is taking over the garden like a boss! I’ve been thinking about making mint ice cream with it […]

Chocolate Snickerdoodles

 I love playing hostess. One of my favorite things to do is to make a meal and enjoy it with friends and family. Usually, I end up going a little overboard as the host- I start to feel like dinner isn’t enough on its own, and then I start making drinks and desserts and bread. […]

4 Ice Cream Recipes to Make Right Now

I have ice cream on the brain today. And there is none in my freezer. Oh, the humanity! (And oh, the humidity!) Here are four of my favorite ice cream recipes for anyone else wanting a brain freeze today. Classic Chocolate Ice Cream. I was always a vanilla person, until I met this recipe. Cinnamon […]

Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Bites

Sometimes I see a recipe somewhere and it just gets stuck in my head. I’ll think about making it time and time again; then it will start showing up in my dreams.. just another sign that I spend too much time thinking about food, yikes! A while back, I saw these cheesecake bites on Tessa’s […]

Mini Strawberry Ricotta Galettes

Have you ever tried to type something with one hand (like a blog post, for instance) while nursing a baby, hoping that you can clear your mind and get some thoughts down before your toddler wakes up? This is probably my fifth attempt in three days to do so and I’m almost positive I’ll be […]

Irish Potato Candies

Forget the corned beef and cabbage. This is how to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day. I’m assuming that if you’re not from Philly or Central PA, you’ve probably never heard of Irish Potatoes. Or maybe you have (sorry for assuming, you well-informed-blog-reader, you!) Either way, you’re in for a Philadelphia-style treat.  As a Pennsylvania native, I […]

Chocolate Beet Cake

  Recently, I’ve been getting into baking full-size cakes. It seems like there are never enough occasions that call for a big, beautiful cake. After having my cupcake business in Ohio, I am much more inclined to bake cakes than cupcakes now (like the rainbow cake and the strawberry cake). Since I was experimenting with […]

Coconut Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Lesson learned so far in life with two babies: sometimes you will just need to make cookies. In some ways, parenting two has been easier than I thought. I bounced back from the birth easier, I am actually able to get us all out of the house in a decent amount of time, I can […]

Valentine’s Day Eye Candy!

 Happy Valentine’s Day, Oven Lovers! If you are looking to make something sweet today, here are some of my favorite Valentine’s appropriate treats from the archives. There’s something for everyone- strawberry lovers, chocolate lovers, ice cream lovers, and breakfast-in-bed lovers alike. Enjoy! Tender Strawberry Shortcakes Chocolate Ganache Ice Cream  Rainbow Cake– change it up for […]