Avocado Banana Bread

Something strange happened last week. I had leftover AVOCADOS. That never happens, like, ever. We were heading out of town for a few days and I needed to use them up quickly. While I have used frozen avocado before with success (just mash and freeze flat in a freezer bag), I wanted to make something […]

Banana Carob Brownies

I’ve been a little scared to get back to baking. My brain is trained to grab the sugar immediately! But I am retraining.. and grabbing the honey instead. These brownies came about after a long internet search for a brownie recipe without refined sugar. I found black bean brownies, gluten-free brownies, vegan brownies.. but nothing […]

Honey Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls

I am always on the search for the best recipes out there. I know that doesn’t sound strange- who isn’t looking for great recipes? (Hopefully that’s why you’re here reading Oven Love.) But I mean I’m looking for the perfect recipes- the recipes you finally keep after months or years of looking. The recipes that […]

Turnip and Potato Soup with Smoky Cheese Toasts

  We are experiencing a crazy March heat wave down here. I am not ready for summer. I mean, come on.. I’m not done making soup yet! We got a big bunch of turnips last week from our farmer. At that time, it wasn’t 85 degrees, so this was the perfect lunch. I used my […]

Valentine’s Day Eye Candy!

 Happy Valentine’s Day, Oven Lovers! If you are looking to make something sweet today, here are some of my favorite Valentine’s appropriate treats from the archives. There’s something for everyone- strawberry lovers, chocolate lovers, ice cream lovers, and breakfast-in-bed lovers alike. Enjoy! Tender Strawberry Shortcakes Chocolate Ganache Ice Cream  Rainbow Cake– change it up for […]

Miss Brenda’s Pound Cake

One of my favorite things about living in Georgia is that Southern hospitality.  Shortly after we arrived in GA, we had the honor of sharing a meal at Miss Brenda’s.  This woman is the sweetest Southern gal you will ever meet!  I just love her laughter and smiles, her love for the Lord and her […]

Jim Lahey’s Stecca Bread

I mentioned in my last post that we love great bread at our picnics.  Sometimes we just tear it up and eat it in chunks with cheese and fruit and sometimes we’ll do sandwiches.  For some reason, great bread just makes a picnic more memorable (and obviously more delicious). This recipe is a perfect picnic […]

Vegan CocoNana Mini Muffins

Even though I’m not living the vegan lifestyle anymore, I’m still finding ways to enjoy vegan recipes in my diet.  I saw this recipe this morning on Miss Mary‘s blog and I had to jump right in and make them!  They looked delicious and simple, and they were. The name CocoNana refers to the coconut […]

Part-Time Vegan, Day 4

  I ate too many cookies today. ‘Cause, you know.. sugar’s vegan. (Woo hoo!) Breakfast was a peanut butter banana wrap with almond milk. Lunch was the salad bar at Lane’s. Snack was (too many!!) vegan chocolate chip cookies. Dinner was leftover pasta. Let me just tell you about this banana wrap.  I make this […]

Cinnamon Sugar Baked Doughnuts

Back in January, when I started this whole great adventure, I promised you doughnuts during Brunch Month.  It took me all month, but I can finally deliver! Here’s my deal with doughnuts.  I usually don’t eat them.  I don’t work in an office these days, and I don’t make a habit of driving through Krispy […]