21Day Sugar Detox, Week One Observations

So let’s get right into it! Here are my major observations from a week on the 21 Day Sugar Detox: Everyone had a few grumpy/moody moments in the first week. I told you I’d give you the real talk- good, bad and ugly- so here we go! The kids had their meltdowns early on. In […]

The One Where I Tell You I’m Pregnant Again (and other news)

Well, hey everyone! Glad to see you. Happy to be here. Just thought I might pop in to fill you in on what nonsense we’ve been up to. I know it’s been awhile. But, I still love you guys and I am 30-40% sure you love me/care about my whereabouts. So, let the over-sharing begin! […]

April Advertising Special!

In honor of Passionfruit opening their Marketplace today (that’s my page in the Marketplace above), I am offering $5 off ALL Oven Love ad spots! That means large ads are $20, medium ads are $10 and small ads are just $5 – that’s a steal, seriously. Use the promo code “iloveovenlovers” to take advantage of […]

Recipe Fails and Other News

  In the interest of keeping it real, I just wanted to tell you what goes on behind the scenes of this jam-up blog of mine, lest you believe that I am churning out perfect recipes day in and day out. That chocolate cake up there? Looks so yummy, right? I experimented a bit with […]

Welcome to the New Oven Love!

The new Oven Love is finally here, darlings. (!!!!!!!!!!!) That is a smile of excitement and anticipation (but mostly relief). Come on in! Have a cookie. I’m sure you will join me in my relief now that there is no red background. Everyone should be able to read the new blog. (Hallelujah! Miracle of miracles!) […]


Can I just say that I love you guys? You’re the best. And because you’re the best, I want to Oven Love to be the best. So I’ve taken all of your ideas into consideration- namely, “Natalie, I really want to read your post but I can’t see it on the red background!”- and will […]

Inside the Oven [Vol. 5]

Hi, out there! How yummy does that sandwich look? I just finished working on a fun little sandwich post for MPMK and that’s just a preview. Hungry yet? That’s a whole wheat english muffin with spinach, sliced ham, avocado, a squeeze of lemon juice and salt/pepper. Can’t wait to show you the rest on Tuesday. […]

Cream Puff Cupcakes [My 500th Post!]

FIVE HUNDRED posts. Wow. That is a lot of food, people! I am amazed that the little food blog I started on a whim in September of 2008 has survived (and thrived!) until today. There’s been a little bit of everything here on Oven Love, hasn’t there? Lots of sweet desserts, tons of breakfast and […]

Inside the Oven [No. 3]

Check out that sweet sibling hug! I love catching these little moments. Let’s catch up, shall we? We’re throwing a Cinco de Mayo party this weekend! I can’t wait to cook up a Mexican feast and enjoy it with friends. Smoky pork tacos, guacamole, Mexican brownies, and make-ahead frozen margaritas are on the menu. YUM. […]

My Favorites of 2011

 2011 certainly came and went much quicker than I anticipated. It has been a busy, exciting and exhausting year. I wish I would have devoted more time to the blog (I only posted about half as many times in 2011 as I did in 2010), but Oven Love was on the back burner for most […]